Your Queries About Intellectual Property Protection Answered

Your Queries About Intellectual Property Protection Answered


Q. What is The Trademark Channel?

A: The Trademark Channel is where you now find yourself, a safe place for curious individuals to explore current events and happenings in the globa; realm of trademarks (and service marks), with a particular focus on the absurd, scandalous and hysterical.

Q. What is a trademark?

A: A trademark is a word, a symbol or a combination of words and symbols, that identifies the source of a product to consumers. A trademark is commonly thought of as a brand name and can be established through use on a product in connection with its marketing and sale and/or registration with a governmental agency, such as the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Q. Where are trademarks?

A: Every place you can imagine on the Earth and into the reaches of space.

Q. What is a service mark?

A: A service mark is the equivalent of a trademark, but applies to services, as opposed to products.

Q. What is not a trademark (or service mark)?

A: Numerous things are not a trademark (or a service mark) and a copyright is one such thing.

Q. What is a copyright?

A: In addition to being neither a trademark nor a service mark, a copyright is the original expression of an idea that is “fixed” in a tangible form, such as a drawing on a napkin, an original song, a story, or a tattoo. While a copyright may be embodied in a trademark or a service mark, a copyright, in and of itself, cannot embody a trademark or a service mark.

Q. What is a counterfeit trademark?

A: A counterfeit trademark (not to be confused with an “infringing trademark” as detailed in the Trademarks 101 section) is a word or symbol that is placed on a product as a false indicator of the origin of the product.Products bearing a counterfeit trademark are commonly referred to as “knock offs”.

Q. What am I doing here?

A: Likely grappling with the existential nature of modern consumerism, seeking a guiding light through the branding melee into which we venture on a daily basis, looking for ammunition to strike out and harvest a trademark of your very own or simply looking for a real good time, as there is much fun to be had on The Trademark Channel… so read on voyager and let’s get you loaded for bear.