sausages being made by a man wearing shades

Watching Sausage being Made

By The Trademark Channel / October 20, 2020 / Comments Off on Watching Sausage being Made

Kielbasa rivalry heats up with trademark infringement suit The owner of an award-winning Nanticoke kielbasa shop has filed a federal lawsuit alleging a competitor is illegally infringing on the business’s trademarked name. John T. Vishnefski, owner of Tarnowski’s Kielbasa Inc. at 579 E. Main St., alleges in the complaint that Nanticoke resident Mark Tarnowski is…

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By The Trademark Channel / October 15, 2020 / Comments Off on TM NEWS UPDATE

Whats in the news? It’s fancier than a lobster dinner…. We will cover those stories about IP and why you should care (not to be confused with the CARE Act). Also why you may have more time to file now…..

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Cardi B Interview with Jimmy Fallon in THE TONIGHT SHOW STARRING JIMMY FALLON

Cardi and no 1(b)

By The Trademark Channel / October 10, 2020 / Comments Off on Cardi and no 1(b)

(CNN) Cardi B’s application to trademark her signature phrase “okurrr” was refused by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The rapper’s attorney filed applications to trademark the term in March to use it on paper goods, like cups and posters, and clothing, like T-shirts and undergarments. Registration for the trademark was refused because it is a “commonplace…

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More News to Come

By The Trademark Channel / October 1, 2019 / Comments Off on More News to Come

Tell us what you want to see….

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